Master Design-graphique


We are today in a sociaty dominated by the image: the shape given at the idea of an object, of a thing. It is neither the reality, nor the copy of the reality but the evocation of a received reality. A reality reconstituted mentally in its main lines. Any image is a coding of the reality, analyzed by the observer. What includes the perception and the reception of codes established by the author of the image. One of the codes which interest us here is the one of the color as inseparable element of a system of communication schedules. The color is a perception as municipality in all that is in the largest number defines by a natural chromatic standard.

But what about when this perception is altered by a deficiency of the visual system? That we call the color-blindness that is a perception different from colors and from its agreements. We shall approach this deficient said aspect not as an handicap but rather as the starting point of a particular construction of the perception, the new wealth of a system of colors. We shall develop a coherent and particular chromatic system from this observation. We shall apply it for systems of communications adapted to the color-blind persons as new relation of their visual environment.